Petition to preserve the river surfing at the Floßlände in Munich

River surfing in Munich has become a 40-year old tradition and belongs to the city like beer gardens and the Wiesn/Oktoberfest. Hundreds of thousands of Munich citizens and tourists like to watch the surfers each year at the Eisbach in the "Englischer Garten" or the Floßlände in Thalkirchen. Also municipality and the mayor Christian Ude are supporting the surfing in Munich. More information…

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I'm for a surfable wave at the floßlände from dawn till dusk.

2492 People already support this petition

Name Profession Location
Thorsten Meyer selbstständig 80336 München
Robert Lautenbach Student 81375 München
Jakob Michall Schüler 81369 München
Enes Jakupovic Kfz Meister 81829 München
Swantje Rößner Designerin 81545 München
Joep van student 5301 zaltbommel
Simone Bund Rechtsanwältin 82371 München
Thomas Bauer Swagmeister 80666 Münschn
Beate Mirbauer Angestellte 80469 München
Michael Summer Unternehmer 82319 Starnberg

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